Our Mission

Healthy Food for a Healthy Community

Local is Better

That is why much of our produce and ingredients are sourced from local organic farms and artisan vendors in San Diego and LA.

We are Foodies

It needs to be delicious and nutritious to make it on our menu.

Pesticides and Herbicides are Bad for You and Our Planet

That is why we opt for organic in all things we do. We are about 80% organic, with all produce being organic, all the time.

Pastured is Better for the Planet and the Animals

That is why we use pastured meats and eggs.

We Support Your Lifestyle and Diet

Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Healthy Eater, Foodie…this is what we do.  We support your diet while keeping it delicious and sustainable for our earth.

Gluten Can Cause Inflammation

So we don’t use it.  100% GF facility.

Organic, Local & Sustainable

100% Gluten-Free

Only Use Healthy Oils

Complete Transparency- Check out our Ingredient Book!


No Gluten

No Refined Sugars

No Processed Ingredients

Giving Back

We support the Encinitas Community Resource Center by making a monthly donation to help feed, house and provide support to north county residents. We also support our larger community with monthly donations to World Food Program and Feeding San Diego.  Also this year we have been able to make monetary donations to  Rescue.org as well as food donations to Scripps Encinitas to help feed frontline workers.

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